If you have come this far, It is because you are interested in one of Extra Virgin olive oil. Yes, but also, you are not looking for a Extra Virgin olive oil any, no way. You are specifically looking for one that is ecological, and that to be able to be have Designation of origin Baena.

¿It was recommended by a friend, but now you don't remember the name?, or Maybe you still know any special brand?. Nothing happens. We have several in store, but today, We will recommend one that you will surely love: Cortijo de Suerte Alta. We tell you a little more below.




    An ecological and exquisite olive oil

    Cortijo de Suerte Alta, extract the best olive oils from your family property to bring them directly to your table. From Albendín, a district near Baena, this family was introduced in the Ecological cultivation back in the year 1996, and since then it produces about 250.000 kg of oil.

    His Cortijo de Suerte Alta, what gives name to his Extra Virgin olive oil, it is located in a limestone terrain at low altitude. And it is there, where they begin to manually pick their olives, in mid October. Separating this first collection from the second that will take place approximately in January, with the fallen olive, that will be stored apart.

    This dedication and attention to detail, allow traceability of the product from its inception, guaranteeing the entire quality process. Therefore, without a doubt, it's a Extra Virgin olive oil what should you try.

    All of these things, and many more about this or other products, We can tell you about them in our store in Passeig Sant Joan 181, where you can find two of its varieties: Picual in Envero: made with olives from the youngest olive grove on the estate, and with aromas of almonds, fig and citrus, and notes of chlorophylls.

    Y Marquis of Prado produced from two varieties: Picual and Arbequina. With a characteristic bitterness, and aromas of green leaf, tomato and apple.

    Y, oye, yes for whatever, it is not good for you to stop by to see us, or do you live outside of Barcelona, We will be equally happy to help you with your selection online or by phone., and bring our products to your home.

    One way or another,

    We will wait for you!