Lots and Christmas baskets for companies in Barcelona

We already have more than 40 years creating custom Christmas lots and baskets for companies in Barcelona and throughout Spain. Christmas lots to give to your employees in your company.

Lots of Christmas baskets for your company, more than a gift

At Christmas parties, the basket lots given away by companies are more than a gift, they are a thank you. On these dates where getting together with the family to eat and share are so important, a batch with ham and gourmet products are a gift that is appreciated and has great value. Your employees will appreciate it..

The best Christmas lots for companies

lots and Christmas baskets for companies in Barcelona

Lots of company Christmas baskets with ham

Lots of Christmas gift baskets for companies in Barcelona

Gourmet company Christmas basket lots

Christmas gift lot for company employees Barcelona

Assorted Christmas company basket lot

The perfect gift for Christmas

At Christmas, Gift packs with ham for your company

For over 40 years we offer lots and gift baskets for companies. lots with ham, cut, gourmet, assorted, with nougat, wines, etc..

About ham and more

A ham, the best christmas bundle

jamón ibérico exportación


The Christmas lot or basket as a company gift It is a tradition deeply rooted in our land.. Many times it is said that employees already expect this Christmas lot by the company. It is counted for Christmas meals to have that iberian palette that the boss gives us or those sausages and especially bottles of wine.

We like to create a Christmas lot ideal for every company both by budget and by the products that suit the needs and desires of the gift.

Do not hesitate to contact us to request a budget for your lots of Christmas baskets for your company.