If you visit our Store in Barcelona will welcome a large wall on which hang hams and shoulders of all types, designations of origin and purity of race. At first glance all hams and shoulders seem equal, so the best way to tell them apart is by their seal and vitola. In our large mural you will find all palettes and hams with their corresponding seal to our identification.

To help you in your choice and be clear what type of product you have in front, we recommend walk you through the colors of seals:

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The four colors of seals and Iberian ham palette

Color black: Acorn 100% Iberian. These hams come from pigs race 100% Iberian who have been fed on acorns freedom, pastures and natural resources of the dehesa. A black seal is indicative of a high quality product, the highest category of hams and shoulders.

Red color: Acorn 75% the 50% Iberian. Hams and red seal come from pigs 75% the 50% Iberian breed. They feed on acorns freedom and, pastures and natural resources. The only difference between the black and red seal is the purity of pork. So if we want to see the purity of the race we have to look good seal color.

Green color: Iberian Cebo de Campo (100%, 75% the 50% Iberian breed). In this case, pigs have also been released and fed outdoors. Nevertheless, their diet is mainly based on the feed that occasionally supplemented by grazing rangeland. According to the purity of their race can be 100%, 755 the 50% ibérico. How can we know? Vitola we always indicate the purity of the breed.

White color: Cebo Iberian (100%, 75% the 50% Iberian breed). Wrongly, we think that white seal corresponds to ham, Nothing could be further from the truth. Hams and Iberian bait obtained from pigs fed farm, that is to say, They have not been in the outdoors and their diet is based solely on natural feed. The vitolas help us again to check the purity of the race we will look at the vitolas.



What happens to the hams produced under the protection of a D.O.P.?

In our store you will find the three most important origin denominations and more recognition in the world of ham: Guijuelo, Pony and Dehesa Extremadura.

To know whether a ham or palette has D.O.P. we must look at the logo on the seal, also tell us what belongs.

There is no white seal, Iberian bait, since one of the requirements of the appellation of origin is that all pigs are bred free, which it does not happen this type pigs. So the colors of the seals that are in a D.O.P. son:

– Negro: Acorn 100% Iberian.

– Red: Acorn 75% Iberian.

– Verde: Cebo de Campo 100% the 75% Iberian.

In this case we can not meet hams with designation of origin of pigs 50% Iberian breed. At least they have to be a 75% ibérico.

jamon iberico barcelona

Our spectacular mural of Iberian hams in Pernil181


All the Iberian hams lead seal!

When you buy your ham or Iberian palette is very important to check with seal. No seal can not guarantee the true quality of the product. That is why in our shop in Barcelona will not find hams and Iberian palettes without a corresponding seal. Our commitment is always to offer the best quality at the most reasonable price possible.

We encourage you to visit our shop in Barcelona and to admire our wall Iberian hams with seals colors. I recommend the one that best suits your tastes and solve all your doubts.