Sometimes we make the mistake of underestimating unfairly quality ham. It is true that this is a type of ham cheaper than the Iberian Acorn and that the quality is usually lower. Nevertheless, that does not mean quality Leg a ham is low. You will be surprised to know the true delights you can find whose label is not Iberian.

From here we ensure that there serrano hams that have nothing to envy their fellow Iberians. So to check in situ We invite you to our specializing in hams and store in Barcelona, Pernil181, for you to try our serrano ham and thus can judge our claim first person.

First of all and to avoid confusion should make clear two concepts that are sometimes treated as synonymous but they are actually two different products: the ham and cured ham.

jamon serrano buy in Barcleona

Jamon serrano buy in Barcleona

Serrano Ham and Cured Ham are not the same.

The only point in common with each other is kind of ham it is that both come from white pig. Nevertheless, the key aspect that distinguishes them is not the kind of pork, but healing product. While in the case of prosciutto minimal healing time it is 11 months, in the cured ham does not exceed 7 months. Herein lies the great distinction between the two, in a longer cure ham can develop its full aroma and flavor, which increases its quality.

Also, Serrano ham is certified Traditional Specialty Guaranteed thing cured ham possesses no quality designation.


The healing, key element in the quality of the ham.

At this point you can already guess that the cure of the ham will be a key element in assessing quality. That is why is classified into the following grades:

– Reservation: Serranos curing hams 12 a 15 months.

– Gran Reserva: Serranos cure hams with more than 15 months.

The rest of serranos whose cure is less than the 12 months but more than 10, It has no special designation.

A ham whose recovery exceeds 15 months is a ham of the highest quality, and is the only type of ham and palette we offer in our store.


Serrano ham Savor the best of Barcelona in Pernil181!

If you want to eat a good Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva and see firsthand that has nothing to envy to an Iberian acorn, We invite you to visit our store in Barcelona. You'll find many options to choose serranos, whole, boning, chunks or boats. And all Gran Reserva, Quality guarantee. We have more than 30 years of experience behind us selling the best Iberian ham and Barcelona. Attend your doubts and questions to the best of our smiles. We will wait for you!