Jamoneras (ham holders)


In our shop Barcelona You can see and buy different ham holders, our jamoneras.

We present our jamoneras top rated:

Jamonera giratoria professional con brazo extensible (Modelo Segovia)



Excellent jamonera of sober and convenient design. Pinewood.

Stainless steel arm moving and adjustable. It is adjustable for different types of Iberian hams or pallets or serranas.

Jamonera with enough weight to cut the ham without dancing.

Easy to clean and assemble.

It can be buy at our store in Barcelona nuetra online store or online.

View jamonera gyratory profesional mod. Segovia.




Jamonera giratoria diseño Belllota con brazo de acero inoxidable



Beautiful ham holder Solid wood with wooden arm and stainless steel. Rotate the ham or shoulder without removing the hoof.

Stylish design as Acorn that decorate the tu tu cocina restaurant.

Easy to assemble in a few steps without tools

You can buy at our store in Barcelona Store or online.

View Ham rotating pattern Bellota3.




Jamonera giratoria de pared



For those who prefer to have ham or shoulder hung without taking up room in our kitchen is the best ham holder wall.


You'll have always your ham ready to cut.

Clamping fully safe and easy to flip.


See jamonera Wall, Prices and where to buy.





Soporte jamonero con cuchillo Arcos



Lot of two products necessary to cut a ham, the jamonera and knife.

This jamonera is a simple model cut ham that allows great support without taking up much room in our kitchen.

Rútico Arcos Knife with classic grip knives home.



See domestic and rustic knife jamonera.




Jamonera clásica modelo Dublin


This ham holder is a classic of its kind between. It has been one of the most used models over time in bars and restaurants as well as homes.


Hold the ham imprisoning and ideal for those who prefer ham is more vertical and less lying.


View the classic ham Dublin