Conservas vegetales

All our craft canned vegetables are grown in the garden Navarra.

  1. Asparagus and asparagus tips: Grown in Navarra. They come in glass or tin to retain their properties tudas. We have several calibers and sizes of presentation.
  2. Piquillo peppers: His presentation in glass jar stuffed whole peppers or canned meat, cod and hake and prawns.
  3. Fried Habitas: fried in olive oil extra finísimas. They come in glass jar.
  4. Artichoke hearts: Hand-picked and selected. They come in glass jar.

Marisco y frutos del mar

All the seafood comes from Galicia, and preserved natural. Piece by piece are selected to ensure its astronomical value.

  1. Cockles rials Galician
  2. Galician clams
  3. Navajas Rias Gallegas
  4. Mussels in escabeche
  5. Octopus in Oil
  6. Chipirones

Bonito del norte y atún

This range of products are handmade fish angling in fresh and processed. This guarantees a unique flavor to the palate. We can and glass presentations.

  1. Ventresca de bonito del norte in olive oil
  2. Tuna in olive oil
  3. Albacore pickled (Salsa CATALANA)
  4. loins of tuna in olive oil
  5. Crumbs del norte tuna in olive oil
  6. Light tuna in olive oil


Selection of foie. The presentation can is the most suitable to keep intact all the properties of the product.

  1. Millefeuille of foie gras with figs.
  2. Millefeuille of foie gras with quince.
  3. Mil daughters grape with foie gras.
  4. Natural duck foie.
  5. The pathogenesis of Pedro Ximenez Foie.
  6. Duck Foie trufado.
  7. Foie duck crocus flower.
  8. Foie de Oca natural.
  9. Mil hojas de bonbon of Jijona (Nougat).

Olivas rellenas

The best stuffed olives anchovy quality fine selection chamomiles, which are the fleshy, have the most delicate flavor and are also best suited to special filling; appreciated good food because of its soft texture, low fat and great taste. Size extra large with caliber 180 200.

Conservas de ave

  1. Partridge in escabeche
  2. Pickled Quail
  3. Muslitos pickled quail
  4. Confit de pato

Vinos cavas y cervezas de importación

  1. D.O. Rioja
  2. D.O. Ribera del Duero
  3. D.O. Penedès
  4. D.O. Somontano
  5. D.O. Bull
  6. D.O. Conca de Barbera
  7. D.O. Terra Alta
  8. D.O. Rias Baixas (Albariño)
  9. Cava D.O. Penedès
  10. Import Beers Belgians
    • La chouffe
    • La Chimay Triple
    • Chimay La Roja
    • Of Chimay Azul


We have a wide range of our products sliced ​​and vacuum packed for storage and handling comfort.