The cured cheese is one of the oldest foods, that allows us many chances astronomically.
There is a variety flavor, aromas, and textures that there is always an appropriate one for each momento.Puede considered a complete food, contains calcium, proteins, phosphorus and many of the vitamins of fresh milk.




Classify as follows:

  • Pure Sheep Cheese
  • Pure Goat Cheese
  • Pure Cow Cheese
  • Cheese Mixture


Quesos de Oveja

Torta del casar

Cream Cheese having a soft paste, smooth and easy to spread intense flavor, slightly bitter, anything salty buttery and persistent. Obtained from merino sheep. Production area Estremadura. It comes in pieces 800 gr. about.


Queso Tupí

Soft cheese and untosa. Strong taste and pronounced, persistent and taste the liquor used in fermentation with olive oil. Origin Catalan Pyrenees. Retrieves the ancient tradition of high mountain shepherds. Presentation ceramic jars.


Queso semi seco puro de oveja bajo en sal

Semi-cured cheese. Uniform and compact texture. Mild flavor. From sheep milk. Suitable for people with blood pressure problems production alta.Zona Castilla León .

Format is presented in 3kg


cheese-semi-seco-villa-heritage-milk-de-sheep-do-manchego-23-kgQueso semi seco puro de oveja

Cheese average healing. Uniform and compact texture. Soft but intense flavor. From unpasteurized sheep's milk, for intensive and artisan flavor. Production Zone Zamora. Format is presented in 3kg and 1kg approx.



cheese-dry-don-berrio-milk-de-sheep-domanchego-22-kgQueso seco puro de oveja

It is defined by its outstanding flavor and clean sheep, for their care and their artisan quality, that make this product a delicacy.

Color marfil, Natural crust smeared in olive oil and pure taste of sheep. Time Healing is between 12 and 14 months. For the appetizer postre, reservation must be accompanied by wine and served at room temperature. Production area Zamora. It comes in the form of 3 Kg. about.


Queso seco puro de oveja en aceite

Sheep cheese made with raw milk. It gives a unique and traditional flavor with a strong texture and intense flavor. Being preserved in pure olive oil provides excellent preservation adding a touch to the excellent bouquet. Jars is presented in 300 gr. Net.


Queso de Cabra

Queso pura cabra tierno

It occurs in approximately format 900 gr. Cures tender and semi dry. Cheese from Granada province. Awarded international awards. The taste is unmatched for its softness on the palate.


Artisan-goat-cheese-750gr-Queso de cabra semi seco Artesano

Queso aroma mild to moderate, made with raw milk. Its flavor is intense and also very soft palate agadable. Its origin is Caceres Extremadura. format presents 900 gr. Approx.



Queso de Cabra Tierno Bajo en Sal y Grasa

Made pasteurized goat's milk, is a low-fat cheese and salt, flavor reminiscent of traditional cheese, soft and cozy. Ideal for low-fat diets. It comes in the form of 3 Kg.

Queso de Cabra Piel florecida

Cheese made with ltake pasteurized goat, with pasta and white characteristic moldy skin. Its creamy texture without eyes.

Your average low intensity Odor, remembering the smell of cellar. Its slightly sweet taste, very low in salt and flavor reminiscent of nuts.

It comes from maestrazgo and has won the national award for the best Spanish cheeses.


Quesos de Vaca

Queso de vaca de tetilla

Cheese developed in Galicia. Soft cheese with low cure, drawn from leche from pasteurized cow. The bark is smooth; closed and yellow: the interior is compact but soft; without eyes and yellow color: its taste is very smooth: merges with ease: occurs in parts 650 gr.


Queso de vaca Maasdam Holandés

Soft cheese with a distinctive flavor slightly nutty aftertaste. Its feature is the large inner eyes that occur during fermentation gas generated by the bacteria added to the milk. Can be used for both the preparation of dishes, melts and browns nicely, as for direct consumption. Hometown Netherlands.


Queso de Vaca Parmesano Regiano

Soft cheese flavor and an intense aroma consists of a consistent and crumbly mass. Their shapes are cylindrical and can weigh up 50kgrs.Recomendado for its exceptional nutritional characteristics, the richness and ease of absorption of protein, football, Vitamins, phosphorus. From Italy.


Queso de Vaca Gouda

Cheese made from cow's milk, his semi hard cheese is pressed with small holes.

Bark smooth and consistent. Its different cures ( tender, the semi-dry Aneja) and different flavors (Cumin, Fine Herbs, nuts, Low in salt and fat) make it a must in all kinds of cheese tasting cheese.