Hi all! But especially, and you, What are you looking for Organic Extra Virgin olive oils. And you, that you appreciate things done naturally, and that also, you take care of your body as much as your mind.

You know that including organic products in your diet is healthy, it has benefits for you, but also, it also has them for the environment. You know. From there, that you are determined to buy one organic olive oil.

But, Where to start? We know, thousands of descriptions, trademarks, flavors, prices… It can be a bit tricky at first. But that's what we are for, to help you choose the olive oil that best suits your tastes and why not, to your pocket.


    Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra ecológico

    Our expert will help you find your organic olive oil perfect, among all the brands we have available, But Tarrés, Corner of the Subbética, Cortijo de Suerte Alta the Marques de Prado, Desert Gold and some other more.

    So now you know, if you are in Barcelona, near Paseo de Gracia, you can always come visit us at our store, in Passeig Sant Joan 181, and that saves the planet in emissions. But if for whatever reason you're not around, you can take a look at our online store. We will be happy to assist you virtually and send your aExtra Virgin olive oil where do you tell us…That betting on an organically produced product is already a first step, for the sake of your health and that of the planet.

    So, now you know, if you are looking for a Organic Extra Virgin olive oil,

    We are waiting!