Since Jamonarium/Pernil181, we want to wish you a happy birthday and offer you the best option to celebrate the day with a good ham. We know how to organize parties in a way unique and tasty in Barcelona. Nothing can go wrong on your special day.. Our team will ensure that you receive the best ham in your birthday.

Why buy Iberian ham in our store

Our Ham has a unique flavor and texture, will become the center of attention of your birthday. Here are some reasons:

  • Experience: We count with further of 40 years old from experience and knowledge in the world of ham. We have a wide range of products gastronomic from the Iberian and Spanish region.
  • Delicacy: We want to offer the best product. We know that customization is not the same for all clients. We select carefully our products to meet the needs.
  • Versatility: We adapt to the specific needs of each birthday event in Barcelona.

Quality is guaranteed, because we offer total quality in all our products. We carefully select each ham to ensure that it meets the highest standards. We only have Products of the highest quality and we take great care of that.

Menu and service options on your birthday in Barcelona

Us We organize the menu and take care adapt the menu to your preferences. If you prefer to celebrate your birthday away from home, there are many places in Barcelona. There is a wide range of venues and spaces dedicated to events.. Some even offer complementary activities but so do we! Discover our catering proposals custom.

It's normal to want to cook less on a day like this.. We offer other alternatives and are sliced ​​Iberian sausages. That's why we want sunk in further easy and save you the trouble of cutting it. For this reason we offer the ham or Iberian sausages cutter service for events and fairs. To hire your cutter service in Barcelona and with our Jamonarium team, you will have to do the following way:

  1. Contact us and provide us: date, time and location.
  2. Choose the Ham in our catalog for you birthday in Barcelona
  3. We will contact you and confirm it for both parties..

How birthdays are celebrated in the world and in Barcelona.

Birthdays are celebrated different ways around the world. But here are some birthday traditions in some countries:

  • In Mexico, It is celebrated with a piñata full of candy and confetti. People use a stick to break the piñata and collect the candy that falls.
  • In Russia, It is celebrated with a big party in which many dishes and drinks are served. They are also made “bliny”, what are buckwheat pancakes.

For this reason in Barcelona we like to celebrate important events with a party where Iberian Ham is the protagonist. There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than being with your loved ones and eating this delicacy., because we know!

Finding and offering authentic Ham is our job. If you need more help to celebrate your birthday in Barcelona with a good ham or have any other questions, Do not hesitate to contact us.